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A Directory of Auto Repair Service Shops near you! An Intelligent way to choose your next auto repair service shop or mechanic. Take a virtual tour of their shops, read all about their years of experience, areas of expertise, professional certifications, years in business, etc.

A Directory of Auto Repair Service Shops near you!


Company Information

In 2001 after spending well over 30 years serving the consumer through several auto repair-service businesses that we owned and operated, we felt there was a need for an Internet Auto Repair – Service Directory that would offer the consumer a more effective alternative to just line ads in a phone book.

Although, in the past, the preferred method of a finding a good auto repair service facility was to get “word of mouth” recommendation from a neighbor or friend, some recommendations sometimes missed many details, such as the type of cars the shop worked on, or whether they had the years of experience, or certifications to work on your BMW, Ferrari or Chevrolet.

Our mission is to provide a directory of shops that will help the consumer visually inspect the facilities, read about the years of experience, areas of specialization, professional certifications, as well as the proper diagnostic equipment to offer the service that you might need and deserve.

By having all these visual tools at your disposal, you the consumer can reach an intelligent decision as to which shop is best suited to work or service your vehicle.

When searching through our directory you will find listings that have a “Hyperlink” (such as, right below their listing, these are the shops that offer a virtual tour of their facilities. Any other listings, not having such hyperlink, are just plain listings just like the ones you would find in any other online yellow pages.

Our shop’s listings are checked against the California Bureau of Automotive Repair on a quarterly basis throughout the year. If you would like to check the status or validity of any shop’s license the California Consumer Affairs Dept. and B.A.R. offer a license look up, just click on the links above to go to their site.

Although we make every possible effort to weed out the "bad ones", we don't have any control over the operation of any of the shops and we are not responsible for their performance. We just try our best to present you with all the necessary information. Please read our Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Disclaimer.


The Staff

Check our founder's reputation: Ed Burckhardt


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