Auto repair and service shops' directory

A Directory of Auto Repair Service Shops near you! An Intelligent way to choose your next auto repair service shop or mechanic. Take a virtual tour of their shops, read all about their years of experience, areas of expertise, professional certifications, years in business, etc.

A Directory of Auto Repair Service Shops near you!

What would offer you as a Car Owner?

A Directory of Independently Owned Repair Facilities that are professionally certified and
have built a reputation in their communities for excellent service and sound business practices.

What do we mean by Professionally Certified? Only those shops and specialists with certifiable and accredited credentials or equivalent experience are featured, giving you the confidence that you will be dealing with true professionals. In addition, we use our own set of guidelines to assure you that when you see our On Call Guy logo next to a listing, it is a professional shop that will try it's best to keep you as customer for years to come.

Why only Independently Owned Repair Shops? Because as Independent ex-shop owners ourselves with over 30 years in the industry we know that an Independently owned repair facility could offer you personalized service and straightforward answers. They don't have the economies of scale, as large chains or car dealers to advertise their services. Therefore, they depend on you the customer to advertise for them through word-of-mouth advertising or reviews about their service in the different Internet Consumer Review sites. They also know that if they offer you their services, in a professional and courteous manner, you will tell others about the pleasant experience you had by bringing your vehicle to them.

What do the different logos in their listings mean to you? When a shop owner is a member of any of the major Automotive Service Associations such as the ones featured below, they are expected to operate by a certain code of ethics, which gives you the peace of mind to know that you are dealing with true professionals that take pride on their trade.

You are welcome to click on any the logos below to learn what they mean to you as a customer
AAA Approved car repair shops

Automotive Service Association

ASE Automotive Service Excellence Blue Seal
Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assoc.
Natl. Inst for Automotive Service Excellence

Additionally, we check for certifications and years of experience in their particular specialty. When an Automotive Technician becomes certified by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) , he or she has to pass continuous and strict testing as to their knowledge and experience. However in many instances, factory training obtained while working at a local car dealer, and/or the years of experience with a particular brand or specialty, surpasses any accreditation needed.

As you can see, we try we try to make every effort to featured the best possible shops in your area. However, It must be made clear that we have no control over their operation or business practices and we are not responsible for their actions. is not affiliated with any of the shops featured on it's site, it only acts as a reference Directory for car owners and an advertising source for the shops to advertise their services.

We highly recommend that you read the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair "A Consumer's Guide To Automotive Repair In California", their guidelines pretty much apply to any State of the country. In the unfortunate case that you come across a shop that you feel has done you wrong, you should contact your local Consumer Affairs Division and they will mediate, and if necessary, take disciplinary action against that shop.

Have you recently moved to California?

Then you must check the State's Welcome to California! web site. Click here

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